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Buffalo Chicken + Kale Spring Rolls spicy

Our most popular roll by far! Perfectly spiced buffalo chicken, crispy kale, jalapeños, Greek yogurt, and aged blue cheese. Also available vegetarian.

Chicken + Broccoli Mushroom Spring Rolls

Baked Italian herb chicken, steamed broccoli, mushrooms, and feta cheese. 

Chicken Club Spring Rolls

Ranch-marinated grilled chicken, crispy turkey bacon, juicy roma tomatoes, avocado, and mozzarella cheese.

Sweet Potato + Black Bean Spring Rolls vegan

Baked sweet potatoes, black beans, cilantro, and southwestern spices.



PLEASE NOTE: These flavors rotate on and off the menu to keep our selection fresh and are not always available! View our online store to see today's available selection!

Apple Pie Spring Rolls vegan

Granny Smith apples, raw sugar, and plant-based butter. Caramel Sauce (included separately): coconut milk, raw sugar, plant-based butter. 

Black Bean Burrito Spring Rolls

Black beans, cilantro lime rice, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and chihuahua cheese. 

Buffalo Cauliflower Spring Rolls spicy, vegetarian

Buffalo cauliflower, kale, blue cheese, Greek yogurt, and jalapeños.

Chick Pea Curry Spring Rolls vegan

Curried chick peas, carrots, green beans, corn, and jasmine rice. 

Chicken Burrito Spring Rolls

Seasoned chicken thigh, black beans, cilantro lime rice, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and chihuahua cheese. 

Chicken Curry Spring Rolls

Chicken, carrots, green beans, corn, and jasmine rice. 

Chicken Honey Sriracha Spring Rolls dairy-free

Honey sriracha chicken, baked asparagus, crispy zucchini, and cilantro. 

Chik’n Club Spring Rolls vegan

Plant-based chicken, avocado, tomatoes, vegan cheddar, green onions, and smokey garlic sauce. 

Chik’n Parmesan Spring Rolls vegan

Plant-based chicken, spinach, basil, vegan parmesan, and marinara sauce.

Chipotle Chicken Brunch Spring Rolls dairy-free

Chipotle chicken, hash browns, and banana peppers. 

Gyro Spring Rolls

Gyro meat (lamb/beef mix), cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, and tzatziki sauce. 

Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls dairy-free

Smoked jerk chicken, kale, sweet potatoes, and red peppers. 

Shrimp Gumbo Spring Rolls

Cajun shrimp, chicken sausage, okra, dirty rice, peppers, and onions.

Southwest Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken, chihuahua cheese, fire-roasted tomatoes, corn, black beans, and spinach.

Spinach + Feta Turkey Burger Spring Rolls

Ground turkey, spinach, feta, basil, Greek yogurt, and cucumbers. 

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Spring Rolls

Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, peppers, onions, and Pepper Jack cheese. 

Vegan Cheeseburger vegan

House-seasoned plant-based burger, vegan cheese, grilled onions, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, and mustard. 

Vegan Chorizo Brunch Spring Rolls vegan

Vegan chorizo, crispy hash browns, roasted banana peppers, fresh spinach, and vegan chipotle crema. 

Vegan Sausage Breakfast Spring Rolls vegan

Scrambled vegan eggs, plant-based sausage, vegan cheddar, hash browns, wilted spinach, peppers, and onions. 

Vegan Sausage Pizza vegan

House-seasoned plant-based sausage, peppers, onions, vegan cheese, and marinara sauce.

Vegan Southwest Chik’n Spring Rolls vegan

Chik’n, vegan cheese, fire-roasted tomatoes, corn, black beans, and spinach.


Signature Sauce

Fiesta Ranch + Greek Yogurt

Boom Boom Sauce

Spicy Mayo

Sweet Chili Sauce

Spicy, Vegan

Parmesan Peppercorn

Creamy + Peppery

Spicy Honey Garlic



Salads include ORO balsamic: white peach or grapefruit. Chicken can be added to any salad for an additional cost.

Jerk Chicken Cobb Salad

Baked jerk chicken, turkey bacon, crispy spinach, avocado, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and hard-boiled eggs.

Mean Green Salad

All green everything! Massaged kale, green apple, avocado, broccoli, and cucumber.

Mean Green Strawberry Salad

Everything the Mean Green Salad has to offer, but swap the cucumber for fresh cut strawberries.

Strawberry Avocado Cashew Salad

Fresh cut strawberries, crispy spinach, avocado, cashews, and blue cheese.


Loaded with fresh ingredients.

Quinoa Bowl

Organic quinoa, mixed sweet peppers, and broccoli. Chicken and avocado can be added for an additional cost.

Jerk Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Jerk chicken, organic quinoa, mixed sweet peppers, and broccoli. Avocado can be added for an additional cost.

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